From “How long does alcohol stay in your system?” to “Does sunscreen expire?” to “What is my state mammal?”, we’re striving to find answers to the most common questions you ask every day. Head to our Just Curious section to see what else we can answer for you. If you need some assistance, Koob recommends talking to your primary care physician or thumbing through the NIAAA’s treatment navigator. The tool can provide options based on where you fall on the spectrum of alcohol use disorders, including therapy-based treatment, counseling sessions, Alcoholics Anonymous, outpatient facilities and medications. “There are people who don’t want to drink, people who shouldn’t drink, there are people who can’t drink because of the effects that it has interacting with their meds,” Koob says.

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Hamm brings together like-minded people who are committed to sobriety for these trips. The company will have four trips, each a week-long, to Puerto Rico in March. Through a partnership with Absolute Travel, they’ll be going to Big Sky Resort in Montana, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. With its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and world-class museums, Amsterdam offers a wealth of attractions. Visitors can explore cultural landmarks such as the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum, stroll through charming neighborhoods like Jordaan, or take a leisurely boat tour of the city’s iconic waterways.


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The historic Biltmore Estate also gives visitors a taste of Gilded Age grandeur in its architecture and gardens. On day 6, the group will depart from Nairobi for a private conservancy in the Masai Mara, giving them an exclusive away-from-the-crowds safari experience. The Lemek Conservancy is home to all the wildlife of the Masai Mara National Reserve, which is Kenya’s wildlife jewel, but with very few other visitors around. The group will enjoy an afternoon/evening game drive, staying out well after dark.

Sober Vacation Destinations Abroad

Overlooking scenic Anaeho’omalu Bay, beachfront luxury awaits to greet you “Aloha! ” Stroll from the hotel to an immaculate white-sand beach – the only one of its kind in the area. Soak up the Hawaiian sun at three sparkling outdoor pools, wander through historic royalfishponds, or hone your golf skills at two championship courses. USA TODAY is exploring the questions you and others ask every day.

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Here, you’ll find it’s little details so meticulously thought out that they truly make a world of difference. Ample indoor and outdoor space come together to create your private sanctuary at sea. Your personal veranda lets you greet the day, soak in breathtaking sunsets, and enjoy fresh sea breezes. Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a personalized link to your reservation. At any point, you can make payments to your account, or you can pay it all off at once.

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HuffPost reached out to a number of travel experts for recommendations of types of excursions that are ideal for people who don’t drink. “Take the lead in planning nonalcoholic activities, whether that’s taking a hike, canoeing, or something else active that doesn’t give you time to have an alcoholic beverage in hand,” she suggested. On day four, participants depart for Piuray Lake, where we spend the day lake kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and taking in the remarkable Andean scene. In the evening, our guides arrange a pachamanca, an authentic meal prepared in an in-ground oven with the aid of hot stones. Participants experience a special camping adventure in the remote Sacred Valley, enjoying unusual privacy in the mountains for their evening meeting amidst extraordinary scenery.

Your blood alcohol level is the amount of alcohol in your blood, which increases as you drink. It can be affected by your age, weight, sex, how quickly you’re drinking, how much you’re drinking and if you are drinking on an empty stomach. But the cracks started to show when my drinking and drug use became excessive. Once I started to become a regular at the emergency department of the local hospital because of drug overdoses and alcohol-related trauma, I decided I needed to change my lifestyle. It was a seltzer with lime instead of Bordeaux with a Michelin-starred meal; a trip to the gym on Friday evenings while everyone else hit happy hour.

The openings to the caves allow moonlight to touch the altar on certain nights. We continue descending until arriving at the main plaza of the artist’s district of San Blas, where a vehicle will be waiting to bring us to a local Cusco restaurant for a final dinner together in the Andes. Throughout the trip, participants engage in light meditation and meetings, providing a safe and supportive recovery environment.

On day six, we return by bus to Machu Picchu to explore the central elements of these fascinating ruins. An optional hike to Huayna Picchu is also available, which takes us along a stone pathway that rises nearly 1,000 feet above Machu Picchu. After returning to Aguas Calientes in the afternoon travelers are free to explore the eateries and shops in the town center before convening for a meal at a local Sober House restaurant and an evening meeting. No matter where you’re headed or how long you’re staying there, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Figure out a plan ahead of time, call a lift home on a rideshare app or call a family member instead of getting behind the wheel drunk. To participate in this trip, you must arrive in Liberia, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, by mid-afternoon on Day 1 of your trip.

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